Tuesday, February 24, 2015

maternity/family pictures baby no.2

It sure has been a while since I've been around here and looking at these pictures from last August makes me long for summer even more. I have been meaning to share these for a long time but with two kids now, things don't happen when or how I plan them. I want to share more again because I miss it but I want to do it without the pressure that can come with blogging. So here I am feeling renewed and excited to continue sharing our family's story. As you can tell, a lot has happened, most importantly we are now a family of 4. Our newest addition Quinn, is 4 months old and these pictures were taken when we were still anxiously awaiting his arrival. Oh what a ride it has been since then!! Logan started going to pre-school and will be turning 4 in May!! Holy cow, where has time gone?? Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and leave you with these maternity/family session that my dad shot last summer. I think these are my favorite pictures of us to date, even if Quinn was still cozy in my big belly. How cute is Logan asking to see his baby brother and starting to lift up my dress?? If you care to look at more pregnant pics here are the ones from when I was pregnant with Logan. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

oh yeah it's a new year!!

so I know this is extremely late but I am really great at procrastination... so there you go!
hope you all had wonderful holidays and since we are still in january it is totally ok to say happy new year, so happy new year! may it be your best one yet. 

thanks for reading these very random and sporadic blog posts of mine ;) 

and if you care about this sort of thing, here is what we're wearing

on me: cardigan (here), oversized cable knit sweater (here), pants (union bay, old), boots (similar here), scarf (gap, old)

on logan: coat (similar here), knit sweater (similar here), plaid shirt (here), pants (here), boots (here)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

your ankles must be freezing

i'm not quite sure how many pairs of ankle boots I have piling up in my shoe closet these days but if you ask my husband he will likely tell you that there are too many. there is also a relatively large chance he will ask you if your ankles are freezing when there is snow on the ground. you will also very likely not care, when your shoes are just the prettiest shade of charcoal with a slight hint of dusty blue and they hit your ankles just so and they are pretty much the most comfortable thing ever made. 


also:  i am in love with this coat!! one of the best purchases of the year for sure and such a good price and (surprisingly) excellent quality. 

also: i really need to take care of those gross looking roots of mine... yuck!

what I'm wearing

coat (here), sweater (here), jeans (similar here really great ones too, i tried them on), shoes (here), necklace (here

Saturday, December 14, 2013

the buying of the christmas tree

earlier this week we took a drive to a local christmas tree farm to pick out our tree. we waited until my mom came in for her visit so that she could be there too and I was pretty excited to see logan really take in and appreciate the whole experience. the older he gets the more fun these things have become and it sure made my mama heart happy to see his face light up with anticipation, as he rounded the corner of the old barn to spot the big tractor that would take us up the hill to the trees. he is a true country boy when it comes to these things and takes very much after jason's side of the family. then again, what little boy doesn't enjoy a good ole tractor ride? 

we were the only customers that morning and so we got a private ride through the rows and rows of lush, green trees. the day had started with a light covering of snow and freezing cold, crisp air that you want to breathe in deeply and store up for those mucky and humid days of a summer yet to come. 
with a breeze strong enough to make it seem several degrees colder than it actually was, we bundled up and still got our bottoms wet sitting on the frozen over benches of that trailer. in the end, it didn't take us long to pick out "the tree". not sure if it was the cold or maybe the tree had disguised it's true beauty right until we came around, because we didn't have to walk far at all (if you know me, you know i can be very particular with these kinds of things).
with her strapped in securely we made our way back to the barn for some hot cocoa and cuddles with mr.bear, who looked like he'd already shared many an embrace with similar, chocolate faced toddlers of the sort. 
all in all a successful christmas tree hunt in my book. 

what we're wearing

on me: beanie (here), sunglasses (here or here), coat (here), jeans (similar here), boots (here)

on logan: beanie (similar here), coat (gap, sold out), pants (made by me), boots (here)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

mrs lumberjack is back at it

coat: asos (sold out) similar cut here, jeans: gap, sweater: gap, shoes: sam edelman here, hat: target, sunnies: free people here or try these for much less :)
today for the first time in the past 6 months I have actually felt the urge to blog again. don't ask me what has prompted this, I honestly don't know. what started out as an intended break of maybe 3-4 weeks while we were in Germany, turned into me questioning if I'd ever go back to blogging at all. 
stepping away from it all made me realize how I needed much more of a break than just a few weeks and how I didn't miss sharing in this place right here, as much as I always thought I would.
i had gotten to a point where I wanted and needed to focus more of my attention on being present in the moment rather than always trying to capture that perfect photo or make sure my outfit was "good enough". i realized that blogging had become much more of a chore than I had ever wanted it to be and I felt burnt out. so I stayed away, and it felt great, and I didn't miss it.

we spent the summer doing lots of nothing very exciting at all, and the fall finally brought home that hard working man and extra time together allowed for lots of new adventures. instagram filled the void that the "sharing with a community" part of blogging had left in me. i have met some truly incredible people there and connected with a lot of blog readers as well. 

now I am slowly starting to ease back into this world right here, not knowing if anyone out there is even still reading this. i am hoping to come back here with new energy and a new perspective. i won't be sharing as much and as often. if there is nothing to say, there won't be anything new. i honestly have no idea what this is going to look like exactly, but for now I am back with this post. So let's see what happens, shall we? 

Monday, May 27, 2013

a love letter to the birthday boy!

Today my baby boy turns 2!! Another year has flown by and it really didn't hit me until just now, when I went through and picked out my favorite pictures of him from this past year. 
Wow, we are so extremely lucky to have him. This beautiful boy who is so well balanced and happy but at the same time the most serious, deep thinker and theatrical tantrum thrower you will ever meet. I wish I had half of his ability to investigate and concentrate on even the tiniest, most mundane parts of life. 
This child who has blessed us with that extra squeezable set of cheeks, a smile that (once he gives it) melts my heart into a big ole' puddle, and that gives his mama kisses like nobody's business because he knows he'll get just about anything in return.  

At 2 years old he still loves to sleep, which is pretty much a prerequisite for being a member of this family (I hope his future siblings are taking note). He enjoys music in that calm and quiet way that makes me think he feels a deeply rooted connection to the melodies. The way he growls at me every night when I put him to bed, demanding I respond in the proper way, with a growl back and a few tickles on the neck, makes it almost impossible to leave him and completely envelopes my whole being in a love that is bigger than anything else I've ever felt. 
When he runs his favorite trucks across every surface of the house, loudly exclaiming "cuck, cuck", it still makes me laugh out loud every single time - for all our sakes, let's hope he gets it right one day ;)
He has me picking up snails, removing bugs, jumping into puddles, wiping and catching boogers with my bare hands, reading the same books a bajilion times, watching nemo almost every single day, getting up at 3 am because he's "all done" sleeping and turned into a major coffee drinker.
He tests my patience on a daily basis, puts on his boots when he's ready to go outside even if I'm not, talks my ear off for 5 minutes straight and two seconds later can barely be ripped out of a trance while concentrating on a toy or book. 
He will happily name all of his family members and count to 10 in two languages. He already points out letters and won't leave a single button unpushed or light switch unturned. 
It is because of him that I have discovered how truly magical online shopping can be and how suckers are your best friends when it comes to achieving a successful Target trip or let's be honest: really any trip.

In two short years he has made me smile, laugh and cry more than I had in my entire life. Those quiet moments when it's just me and him and I get to stare into those gray eyes, stroke that perfectly smooth skin, admire the tiny dimple that only appears sometimes when he smiles, are what I live for now. 
In those moments I can barely believe how lucky I am to have him and to be able to experience a love that is so much bigger than I am. 

So happy birthday to you my wonderful, beautiful little man! I will never forget the day I finally got to hold you in my arms and I am so proud to be your mama. You and your papa sure know how to make me the happiest girl in the entire world. 
We love you so very much! 

Now get ready for a major picture overload because well that's what birthdays and blogs are for ;)
You may also want to read about last years birthday and if you're brave about the day we first got to meet this handsome young man, seems like it was just yesterday.