Sunday, February 13, 2011

the best friend I have or what a beautiful sunday afternoon

You know how they say that true friends can go without seeing or talking to each other for weeks, months or even years and when they finally talk they can just pick back up where they left off? I have one very special friend like that. We've known each other since the summer before we started 5th grade, when she moved into town with her family and we started getting tennis lessons together. Of course we also ended up in the same class and went through all of high school together. She's always been there when I needed her and we remain close in spite of the huge distance (Germany and the US). Needless to say, we don't always get to talk as much as we'd like. 
Well, today we finally managed to set up a time to skype, which I hadn't done since the days when the hubby and I were still dealing with the whole long distance relationship thing... 
Of course I couldn't remember my password so I just signed up again. Next there were some microphone issues with the macbook that I managed to resolve all by myself (with the hubby at work I have to fend for myself lol). And then we finally managed to see and talk to each other - yay! I hadn't seen her since last summer when I went to Germany last. 
We talked about her upcoming wedding which I am most likely going to miss because of the baby :( We talked for over 2.5 hours and it sure felt good.

Now I am ready to conquer the mountains of laundry piling up upstairs before J gets home from work and we can go to his parents house for dinner. 
Oh and just in case you were wondering what the other members of this family have been doing all day...

And yes, since we built this window seat I could pretty much clean my windows every day. I just choose not to ;) And I also don't have the heart to keep them off of it. It's their new favorite spot because they can keep an eye on the road and let us know if someone is coming up the driveway, or the neighbors driveway, or if someone is walking along the road, the mail is here, deer and other animals are in the yard or... well you get the picture ;) But hey, at least we don't need a door bell. 

Hope your Sunday is as wonderful as mine!

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