Monday, February 21, 2011

a husband with a love for k-cups ;)

This was probably the best xmas gift I've ever given the hubs ;) He loves his new coffee maker. We go through the k-cups way too fast. 
They have such a huge variety of flavors and we're always trying out new ones. Lucky me they make lots of decaf coffees and you can even order tea. I love the chai tea k-cups by Gloria Jean's, yummy. Since this machine also dispenses hot water I often just make tea using regular tea bags. It's way cheaper that way. The hubs loves this machine so much he wants to take it on vacay with him ;) I wonder what he's going to do once he goes back on the road? 


  1. Ohhh!!! My hubby got me one for Christmas too! I am buying K-cups almost once a month now. I love them! He likes the chai tea as well! I am a pure coffee drinker and this is perfect!

  2. Yeah, we buy K-cups all the time too. Love this machine :)


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