Thursday, February 17, 2011

nursery in progress

I lied ;) I said I was going to write a post on how I reorganized my work space but then I took a nap and did some work and then I started not feeling so well... I just went back to trying real prenatal vitamins and they don't seem to sit well with me :( I was way too sick to take them for the first few months of my pregnancy and then I just started taking Flintstones Gummies and I may just have to go back now. It's a shame, I was so looking forward to the gorgeous hair and nails...

So in the end I only managed to take some pictures of the nursery. The hubby let me nap and I woke up to a note on the pillow ;) He's the Best!
I had no clue he even left. He also put up the new curtain rod and curtains in the nursery before he left. We got the curtains from Ikea a few weeks ago on sale for $20. They are a medium blue chambray fabric and work perfectly with the grey walls. We are going to move the black desk out of there once we get the glider we want.
 The light fixture is from Ikea also.
We got the bear at Pottery Barn Kids and I made the Quilt and Pillow.
We got these cubbies as a gift a few years back and I never put them up. The nursery has this awkward little corner between the closet and the door so I backed them with the same fabric I used for the pillow and put them up here. This was super easy and cheap, all I needed was a glue gun and a pair of scissors.

The crib is from Ikea. It is small which I like and it was only $130 which I like even more :) 
 The dresser/changing combo is from Babies R Us. It just sat there in the clearance section when we did our registry and was calling our name ;) It didn't have a price on it and it took the associate about half an hour to figure out how much it cost. We ended up getting it for $150, about 35% off. The frames are from Target, on sale for $6 each. Don't you just love getting a good deal? 
More pictures to come once the nursery is done. I am still planning on painting birch trees on the darker grey wall or over the corner. 

That's it for today. The hubby and I are just relaxing on the couch waiting for Grey's Anatomy to start. Well at least I am ;) 


  1. The nursery looks great! I am following you! Followed you here from Etsian Newbie group.

  2. hey i'm following you! enjoying your blog and pics! make sure you get plenty of rest while you can because there are many sleepless nights ahead, but there worth it. i'm sure the one post a day will be less often once the little man comes ;)

  3. Serena, thanks for following the blog :) And yes, I probably won't be able to do a post a day once the little guy is here...


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