Wednesday, March 23, 2011

change of plans and more on the nursery

Wow, did we have a change of plans today! I was editing pictures to write this post when my husband calls me to let me know my neighbor and friend had to go to the hospital (she has heart issues and it's pretty bad), straight from work and her husband who is staying home with their 8 months old baby was asking if I could watch her. We have watched her numerous times and she is one precious little girl. My heart breaks for them each time her mom has to go to the hospital with yet another heart related issue. So of course I went next door so that he could go to the hospital. The hubs was running some errands and then joined me and we played and fed her. We ended up coming back over here with the little one since we don't know when and if they'll be back yet. I just put her down in our little man's crib and she had a hard time falling asleep :( She kept waking up and crying a little just to go back to sleep 10 seconds later. It's hard just to sit there and watch and try to comfort her without picking her back up out of the crib. This has seriously been such good practice for the both of us. I wish her mom weren't so sick, but watching her so much has given us so much good experience taking care of an infant. I am hoping and praying that her mommy will be back home soon. 

So now that I have a little free time I am finally going to upload those pictures I promised you all.
Here is the nursery, still in progress, but now with some more shelving and the frames hung on the wall. I love my handyman hubby :) The shelving is from Ikea. The frames are from Target. The artwork in the frames is by Katie Daisy (love her). The mural is painted by me (more here). The animal print pillow is made by me, the other two I bought at TJ Maxx. The bear is from Pottery Bran Kids. Quilt is also made by me. The tiger print bear on the shelf is a children's book character from my childhood. If you're interested you can find out more about the author Janosch here. I also managed to get a brand new Baby Bjorn carrier at the consignment sale last weekend for only $25!!! Such a great deal :) 

Enjoy the rest of your night. Hubby made some pasta for dinner and me and the little man in the belly are starving :) 
Did you go over to Ma Nouvelle Mode today for the feature? I have another feature coming up tomorrow so stay tuned for that and a post about some freebies Target sent me :) 


  1. WOW!!! Your nursery is ADORABLE!!! I would love a color scheme like that if we ever have a boy! I pray that her mommma is okay!

  2. it looks incredible!!! i especially love the turtle picture!! hope you + baby are feeling perfect today :)

  3. Gorgeous nursery Soph...
    Your quilt is beautiful and so lovely that you made it!
    I dropped over from Natalias and before that from my dear friend Kindras! Blog-hopping! lol
    So nice to meet you and Im following you now..Im (purehunnybee)
    Come by and visit!

    Deborah xo

  4. Oops and Im now praying for your neighbour who needs a touch from God.
    Blessings on your day!

    Deborah xo


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