Wednesday, March 2, 2011

puppy haircut

Today was the day ;) Melvin got a long needed haircut and he did so well. He is a Yorkiepoo and doesn't shed. However, his hair grows and grows and gets all curly which looks cute but also kinda ratty after a while. So since it's warming up outside I decided it was finally time for him to shed a layer or two... 
Soon after we got him as a pup we took him to Petsmart for a grooming. I think it was maybe $25 and so we took him back there the next time and it ended up costing $40!!! Because he was over 6 months old and they didn't consider him a puppy anymore. My puppy only weighs like 8 lbs and $40 is so not appropriate. So ever since then I have been grooming him myself. He used to hate it, try and bite the scissors, walk away, cry etc... now he is perfectly used to it :) 

I'm using the other computer so I don't have a before picture but if you go to this post you can get an idea. 

Here are the after pics

He even got a bath ;)


  1. He probably feels much better after loosing all that hair! It took my dog 2 years before he finally loved getting bathed and groomed.

  2. Oh yeah he sure does. He's been very active since he lost the hair ;)


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