Saturday, April 16, 2011

saturday loves

 Here are my LOVELIES picks for this rainy, windy Saturday :) 

via Noodlehead
I badly need one of these and this is a wonderful tutorial. Our mail piles are always out of control and all over the house ;) 

via Smile and Wave 
Aren't these lovely? I want to try this with my covered clipboards.

via The Wandering Artist

So cute, I wish PA weather would cooperate with me wanting to show of my toes like this ;) 

So what are your LOVELIES today? 


  1. seeing as my toe nail polish is chipped my lovely is that fabulous nail polish idea! my mom is also flying in town tonight and we are going to go antiquing for a DIY project of mine :)

  2. The weather in Utah is CRAZY, one day I'll be wearing flip flops and the next UGGS...oh well at least my toe nails are ready for whatever comes this way. I'm visiting from FTLOB..and I'm staying..I hab' deine Gesichte gelessen und ich liebe alles dass mit Deutschland zu tun hast. :)

  3. I seriously need a mail organizer. PAPER EVERYWHERE.

  4. I'm going to do something similar for the kids art work (which is an ever changing display) with clip boards. I'm going to hang [some] low enough to allow them to arrange their own displays.

  5. I love that mail organizer! Mail just sits on our countertop waiting to be looked at and I promise it's all my husband's ;) Following you now, your blog is so cute!

  6. That is a great mail organizer... Thanks for posting the link.


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