Wednesday, April 27, 2011

umm, yeah I'm still here...

Holy laziness I guess ;) I know I've been very absent... I love my blog, I miss my blog, but this pregnancy along with everything else that's been going on (like this nice little cold I have) is kicking my butt (which by the way is also getting bigger by the day, lol). My dad and brother came in for a surprise visit all the way from Germany last Friday. Dad had to leave on Monday but little bro is still here until next Monday. He is bored out of his mind I am sure, since I can't provide much entertainment at the moment. I hope he understands. The hubby has been working crazy hours and baseball is once again in control of our lives ;) In my mind I am already planning our post-season get-away to the Caribbean. Wonder how that will go with a 4 months old... 

The weather is finally coming around but with all the heat and thunderstorms it gets almost unbearably humid and stuffy in the house. Who knew we would have to go straight from heating to air conditioning? No, don't worry, I am still refusing to take it that far. For now we try and keep the windows open and the fans running. 

I went to the OB today and it seems like the little peanut is still having a blast in there. They did a strep B test and asked if i wanted my cervix checked. I declined. I don't really see the need for it just yet. They will probably start checking either next week or the week after and that's fine with me. I will spare you my insurance issues for now. Just know that I am seriously ticked off at these office ladies that treat you like a second class citizen because you dared to have your insurance company re-process a claim because you didn't feel like forking over $300 for an immunization you were told you needed to get. I seriously had to explain myself 5 times before she finally figured out that I did not owe them $300 at all. No one should have to pay that much money for a shot but if I knew that I owed it I would have payed it a long time ago. Get off your high horse lady! Sorry about the rant... 

So tonight we are having a pet funeral at the in-laws house. Our sweet Lady pup had to be put down last night after having many, many seizures and simply being in too bad shape. My in-laws adopted her about 4 years ago from a local shelter. We never found out how old she really was, we just knew she was older. The vet guessed that she was at least 12 and may have suffered a stroke or a brain tumor. I guess it was her time to go. She will certainly be missed by all of us. 

But after all the complaining I do on a daily basis, about things that are really not that important,  I am thankful that a rainy afternoon at my house looks like this. With two sleepy men and a sleepy girl all cuddled up in the window seat for a little nap. And soon, very soon, there will be another little man to join the sleepy train and all of this will have been worth it :) 

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  1. Pregnancy can be a butt-kicker. That top pic is the most! Love it :)


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