Wednesday, May 25, 2011

backyard madness

We are totally backyard challenged around here ;) We need Yard Crashers or Desperate Landscapes to stop by for an intervention...
This is what it looked like a few weeks ago with stuff actually starting to grow again. You do not want to see it during the winter :(

Those steps on the right side get washed out every time we get a heavy rain and we end up with a pile of loose dirt on the patio. We just planted grass on that upper terrace and put on those lovely blankets so that the seed wouldn't all get washed down with the next rain. It is actually growing pretty well by now. It's not the perfect solution we were looking for but since the landscaping estimate for the lower terrace came to over $4000!!! we decided this was all we could afford for now.

It has been such an eye sore for 3 years now that I just didn't want to look at dirt any longer.
Anyone else have a disaster area around their house??? ;)

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