Tuesday, September 20, 2011

fall festivals

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger, Cardigan: Forever21, Pants: ONLY, Boots: Don't remember ;) 

Please ignore all the junk you see in the mirror right behind me. I obviously don't get around to cleaning much anymore. 
These days I am glad if I get a shower in every 3 days ;) That is why this outfit post is such a special event (applause is in order). I cut out my head since my hair was only up in a ponytail anyway. If you have a baby you know that having your hair down is pretty much the worst idea you could have, unless you enjoy the pain of tiny little hands yanking on it. 

I managed to leave the house to go to one of the fall festivals this weekend. My MIL came over to help out a little and we packed up the bubs and took him for a nice little stroll around the park to check out the arts&crafts vendors and get some food. We had fun and the little man was nice and tired that night. 

What do you guys love to do in the fall when the weather is still nice? 

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  1. I love stripes! Stripes on stripes manages to be even more fabulous!

  2. VERY cute!! Saw you over at Pleated Poppy! We're linked up there too!

    Come check out our blog if you get the chance!


  3. gray and black and brown is so one of my new favs! Cute outfit :)

  4. new follower following on gfc and fb

  5. Love your boots! I can never find the right tall riding boot. Your outfit is great!

    Stopping by from the Pleated Poppy!

  6. Yay for boots! My favorite part of fall, for sure!

  7. Great outfit! Love the texture in the cardigan and I'm always a sucker for stripes!

    Stopping by from the pleated poppy!

  8. I love your boots! They look so cute with your black and grey stripes!

  9. so cute..i love your striped shirt and cardigan!!
    so glad you stopped by! now i just need to enter the giveaway!



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