Wednesday, October 19, 2011

family fashion haul

We live about 5 minutes from a Tanger Outlet Center. That is good and bad in sooooo many ways ;) I am sure you get the picture already...
I used to work up there before the baby, while I was still in college. 
Last Friday we went because it's nice to take a stroll around there with the bubs and because we had nothing better to do. Of course we didn't leave empty handed. Do we ever? 

Old Navy is having a Fall Haul Sale and additional 30% off their clearance. Many items around the store were 75% off. They sure need to have a sale with the amount of product they had on the floor, and that doesn't even include the Christmas merchandise yet.
Anyways, I was glad to take some stuff off their hands ;)

Old Navy/J Crew Haul

The purple shirt is from J Crew. I got another top there but couldn't find an image.

I know a lot of people liked the look of the suede wedges from Old Navy but reviews were a little mixed. Some people found them to run small and look kind of cheap. 
Well here is my honest opinion:
They do run small. I wear an 8 and had to go up to a 9. They are now a little loose around the ankle but that shouldn't be a problem with some thicker socks. 
As for whether they look cheap or not, well, they are cheap ;) I only paid $18 for them so I didn't expect great quality to begin with. I think the gray is the best color and looks the most 'sophisticated'. You can see where the suede upper was glued to the rubber wedge but who really looks that closely at your shoes? 
All in all I think they will be just fine for a season or two and they are right on trend. If you're looking for something higher quality you probably shouldn't buy these from ON. 

I also really loved the breezy blouses. I wish they had come out with them a little earlier since the weather here in PA is now almost too cold to wear them without a cardigan and maybe even a jacket. Since they were such a steal though I don't mind wearing them once it warms up again. 

The white t-shirt only cost me $2.69 :) You can never have too many white t-shirts. 

Here is what the hubby got at J Crew and what we got the little guy at Oshkosh B'Gosh. 

I had an eye on this shirt all summer and it finally went on clearance for $12.49 :)  Image via here

These Summer Weight Chinos are the hubby's fave. This is the second pair. He's had them for months and they still look like new. They also barely wrinkle in the dryer and iron like a charm :) Image via
70% off. This is something my Dad would wear, so now the little guy and his Opa can look handsome together. 

I haven't bought these yet. I am gonna wait until a better sale comes up. They are fleece lined and will keep him nice and cozy all winter. 
Flannel Shirt 70% off

Haven't bought these yet either. He is just growing out of his current pair so these will be in the near future. All Oshkosh images via their website. 

Have you done any extensive shopping lately? Any good deals? 
Also, guess what I just realized? The little guy has been napping in his room for almost an hour and a half now :) 

Ha, I'm such a mom ;) 

Enjoy your day!


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