Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{style files} more stripes

I wore: Striped dress from Target, Gray T-Shirt from Gap, Shirt from Motherhood Maternity, Vintage Belt, Silver Birkenstock's and Kenneth Cole Sunglasses

yes, i am so not back to my pre-pregnancy weight... yet! i will get there, slowly. 

This past weekend we went to a festival called Christmas in the Woods. Not the hubby's favorite thing to do but it was fun and got us out of the house. Lots of Christmas decorations and crafts. Beautiful weather, family and yummy food :) 
Just look at that Apple Cobbler. That could be why I'm not back to my pre-pregnancy weight yet ;) 

Best of all: I got to wear more stripes ;) I'm just a little bit obsessed.

Baby L had a great time too. He was very interested in the cobbler. I am really trying to exclusively nurse him for 6 months so he's just gonna have to wait a little bit longer with the solids. 


  1. Amazing outfit. I love that skirt, especially with the brown belt. Great pictures-love that cute little bald head. My son didn't really start getting legit hair until he was almost 2!

  2. Love the stripes and denim. Very nice.
    Your little one's a cutie pie!

  3. LOVE the stripes--what a nice classic outfit!

  4. Stripes and denim, one of my favorite combos. You look great and your little man is a doll!

    If you're interested, I also host a style linky on Mondays with @BonBonRoseGirls & @Momtrends. This week we're giving away a prograde flat iron:


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