Thursday, November 3, 2011

starting solids

We've been doing a lot of this lately...


I can't believe he is 5 months old already. Where did the time go? 
We just started giving him solids and so far he likes it, even though it doesn't look like it in that last picture. I still nurse him the same but I am starting to imagine the day when he will decide that he is done nursing and I am already sad about it. 

See, we had a rough time in the beginning...
There was the initial pain because you're not used to having someone trying to extract milk from there, especially not someone who is just as inexperienced as you are. Then there is more pain when your milk finally decides to come in full force and you feel like you are going to explode. There is also the frustration of realizing that the pain doesn't just go away after a few weeks, because it takes both of you much longer to figure this thing out.

But you stick with it and through the pain and frustration because you know it's the best for both of you. So you use all the creams and try all the techniques, you go to the BF support groups, you start pumping and you stop pumping, and slowly you both figure out just what works for you.
And then in the end you finally get to the point where you are both relaxed and comfortable, sharing these special moments, the smiles and the deep sighs when a belly is full. The heavy eyelids and the long hugs and cuddles - I never want them to stop.

I know I will miss those moments once he decides he doesn't need me anymore. I also know he is nowhere near ready to be done and that I have at least another 7 months, as long as everything goes smooth. 
I guess I am just a little sentimental at the thought of him growing older and getting so much more independent. I want to freeze all these special moments in time and relive them over and over. 

Well, I bet you mommas out there know what I'm talking about. No matter if you nursed or bottle fed your baby, I think we all have these special moments with our little ones that we never want to end. 
My mom is here from Germany this week to help out and enjoy her grandbaby. She's been cooking and cleaning, doing laundry and entertaining the babe. I really miss having my family around, especially now that I am a mom myself. Can't wait to spend some quality time back home soon :) 

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  1. Und, was gibt's, Möhrchen? Meine beiden haben für den Abschied von der Milchbar übrigens zwei Jahre gebraucht....


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