Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10 things

  1. Jet lagged babies are no fun.
  2. I forgot how cold my parents' house gets during the winter. I get cold easily. Thank God for a nice hot fire every night, hot tea or coffee and yummy cookies :)
  3. Christmas Tree shopping while it snows. Finding the perfect tree, sausages with homemade bread and hot Gluehwein. 
  4. Ok, another one about food... I can't believe how much awesome food we've had since we got here. If we lived here I would probably weigh 20 lbs more ;)
  5. Logan has a mean cold with a nose that won't stop running and a miserable mood. Poor baby. He hates getting his nose wiped and has the hardest time falling asleep. Needless to say, this momma is not getting much of a break either.
  6. After giving the little man his bath last night, I got to soak in the tub for 10 minutes. Heaven! I don't remember the last time I had time for more than a quick shower. Thanks to the hubby for getting the little man ready for bed all on his own.
  7. I forgot how weird Germans can be... Don't you dare make eye contact or say hi to anyone while out on a nice, long walk. They'll just look at you like you're from Mars. I love it here but I sure love the friendly talks I have with total strangers in check out lines back home. 
  8. LOVE watching my brothers with the little man. They are such great uncles and I'm so glad they finally get to spend some time together. 
  9. It's snowing like crazy here :) 
  10. Getting ready to go to the Christmas market now. Can't wait to see the lights and enjoy the snow.


  1. This is so sweet, Soph. Even though you're cold (Don't worry, it's cold here too!)--I am glad you are enjoying some time with your family and sounds like some time to yourself. It's amazing how much you appreciate a hot bath to yourself once in a while. Madison still wants to bath and shower with me ;) Enjoy your holiday this weekend. Much love.

  2. You and Logie look like little snuggle bugs in your fluffy hat and his puffy coat or snow suit. I feel like Christmas there would be much more like a story book with real fires, snow, and little markets with fresh baked goods. Oh, and you also have cobble stone roads (at least the parts I visited did) and that I think is really neat too! Also, you look like you could be Logan's older sister in this picture! I mean that in a good way ;) You just look so young! :D Hope you guys are having fun! I'll only be mailing out the rest of my Christmas cards tomorrow, so hopefully it gets to you guys before you return home! It's a long story but I had some mishaps with my Christmas cards, so everyone has received different ones lol. Anyway, stay warm and safe.


  3. Das ist das definitiv schönste Foto von euch beiden :)

    Musste lachen über Nummer 7! Stimmt schon, wir können ein ganz schön muffeliges und kinderfeindliches Völkchen sein. Hier auf dem Land, wo wir wohnen, geht es aber, hier grüßt auch jeder beim Spazierengehen, selbst wenn man die Leute nicht kennt ;)

    Genießt die schönen Seiten an eurer Reise. Ist ja auch nett, wenn man sich auf ein paar Dinge zuhause freuen kann...

    Liebe Grüße

  4. Beautiful blog and great insights :) We're opposites at the moment - I'm an American living in Germany, and it's been hard to adjust to the whole 'not making eye contact' thing in public, among other things. Looking forward to reading more!



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