Friday, December 16, 2011

nursery design update pt. 2

So here is part two of the nursery tour. This is the other side of the room where the closet is. Since the room is so small, the closet pretty much takes up the entire wall. We added some shelving from IKEA above the doors and in the corner to hold his books and some toys until he gets his bookshelf. The bookshelf will go on the wall underneath. The little rocking chair is vintage and has a music box on the bottom that plays when it's rocking. The diaper pail also came from IKEA.
The door knobs on the closet look like oversized green buttons and we got them on sale at Anthropologie. They are so cute :) 

The metal organizing bins are from Target and the cute papermache tiger is a children's book character from when I was little. My mom got it for me at a store closeout sale where it used to be for decoration. 
The 3 little black corner cubbies were a Christmas gift we got a few years back and never used. I used the same fabric I made his pillowcase from and backed each cube using a glue gun. Super easy! For now they hold all of the sports related items the hubby wanted to put in the room. Also, the cute wooden sign was made by a family friend and we are still planning to attach it on the outside of his door. 

So that's it so far. This is probably the most cohesively designed room in the entire house. It has been so much fun putting everything together and I think he will be able to enjoy this room for quite a few years. 
I will post step by step instructions on how to make the mobile next week.
Christmas is getting close. Enjoy your weekend :) 


  1. Eine tigerente!!!! Wollte ich ja schon bei Teil 1 gesagt haben: das Zimmer ist wirklich toll geworden!!! Der Baum, die Farben, die Details! Da möchte man glatt noch ein Baby haben... Ok, oder vielleicht nur die Kinderzimmer umräumen...

  2. So simple and fun. I like what you did with the black shelving.


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