Monday, December 12, 2011

nursery design update pt.1

as you can see he really likes his room :)
I thought I'd give you an update on the little man's nursery. I really love how everything came together and now all we're still waiting for is his bookcase. His grandpa is making it for Christmas. 
I will split this post in two since there are a lot of pictures.
His room is on the north side of our house and even though it has big window it is a small room and doesn't get very much light. The room is about 10'x10' and won't ever be a great play room but we are planning an addition to the house within the next few years, so eventually he will have more than enough room to play. For now it's just the right size. 

We used two different shades of gray for the walls. 3 walls are in a light gray and one wall has a darker more bluish tint to it. One of the first things I bought Logan before he was even born was a blue and white railroad striped teddy bear from Pottery Barn Kids, which was kind of the inspiration for the rest of the room. 
I painted the trees myself and we just recently added the little tree house with the nightlight inside of it. I got it at Michaels for $2.50 on clearance and we got a light kit and bulb and made it ourselves. I still plan on adding some sort of plexi and maybe staining or painting the wood. 
The mobile was also made by me. I will post a DIY on that sometime soon. He loves it so much he always stares and laughs at it after I get him out of bed. 

The wonderful glider is from Babies'R'us and by a company named Newco. We had a hard time finding the right one and it was a huge hassle getting this one but it was so worth it. It swivels, reclines and rocks :) The pillows are from TJ Maxx, the blanket used to be my grandma's. 
The framed prints are by a wonderful artist named Katie Daisy and the crib is very budget friendly from IKEA. The changing table came from Babies'R'us as well. It was a floor model but unfortunately it is way to high for me to change him on anymore. Now that he wiggles, tosses and turns and diaper changes have become a nightmare, I wouldn't dare change him on that thing. It is probably the one item I regret purchasing, not so much for the look but for the actual use that I haven't gotten out of it.  
I also made the patchwork quilt myself and the floor rug came from TJ Maxx. He loves feeling the texture of it and it is super soft. 
The little white table and table lamp are from IKEA and we used to have them in the living room as starter furniture after we first moved in. The ceiling light and blue chambray curtains were also IKEA finds. 
We got an oval galvanized bin at our home improvement store to hold his toys and stuffed animals and keep it underneath the table.

What do you like most about your kid's room? 


  1. So darling! What a doll he is... I love the two-tone gray paint and the branches. I don't have a kid's room (yet) but I have some ideas for the future :)

  2. This is such a beautiful elegant kids room! Really love your idea and works! I'm hosting a World Creative Blog hop this month - please come over and share your talent to the world here


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