Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{style files} stay-at-home mom outfit

one sweet reader recently commented on this post asking what it actually looks like when i 'bum around the house' all day. well, i thought i'd answer that question...

first of all, i told you i live in this sweater. now, that is only what my 'bath' outfit (bath? did this really have to turn into an actual word?) looks like when i actually get a few minutes to braid my hair and do a light make-up while thinking about what to wear. most of the time i throw on a pair of old, loose sweats, a t-shirt that doesn't necessarily match and some sort of hoodie or sweatshirt. that sounds more like my stay-at-home mom outfit ;) maybe one day you'll get to see that, too. if you're looking for some inspiration on how to make an old boring sweatshirt your new favorite to 'bum around the house' in, go here.



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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{she made it} embellished moleskine notebooks

today i have another easy diy for you. i love paper products and i like taking notes and keeping a little notebook on me instead of using my phone for everything. i think taking notes on paper and writing down ideas and thoughts has a special quality to it. it is much more permanent and something i will be able to go back to and look at in years to come. my phone is great and i use it constantly but it doesn't allow me to be as creative as i can be with these notebooks. 

so all you need are some moleskine notebooks (or whichever you like), lace and fabric scraps, some glue and a sewing machine (if you have one). i used vintage lace/fabric and tacky glue.
be careful with the glue and apply sparingly. i also used the sewing machine to sew some lines down and over the fabric. these covers are made of thin cardboard and your sewing machine shouldn't have any problems with it. 

it's really pretty simple and there are so many options to make this represent you and your style.
you could even make your own notebooks instead of buying pre-made ones.

hope you found some inspiration.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

9 months my sugar sweet

my baby turns 9 months today :)

9 months! I can't believe how fast this has gone and how amazing the last 9 months have been.
we have learned and grown so much. he has taught us so much about ourselves and made every day special. Life is pretty damn good right now thanks to this little man.

we have gone from a tiny little bean that wouldn't open his eyes for more than a few minutes a day to a chubby cheeked, intelligent and active little boy. i know it won't be long now until he starts walking. i get so excited and sad at the same time, whenever he reaches another milestone.

this morning, we were laying in bed and as he was nursing, he suddenly stopped and looked up at me with this big smile on his face. and then he just stared at me and i felt like i was catching a glimpse of the boy that is hidden inside there somewhere. the boy he is going to be one day and in that moment i realized that he won't be this chubby little baby for much longer.

don't get me wrong, 9 months is amazing. 9 months sleeps through most of the night and takes regular naps during the day. 9 months doesn't spit up or blows out diapers 3 times a day. 9 months feeds himself banana and carrot and all kinds of other yummy things. 9 months drinks from straws, babbles, crawls, climbs, laughs and entertains us so much.

the thing about 9 months is that it is nowhere near that wrinkly, sleepy little newborn. nowhere near those first few days and weeks of just holding him on my chest all day long.

9 months is all about independence and freedom and so much less about cuddles and wanting to be held.

so for now, 9 months and i are still trying to warm up to each other. and then once we become best buds, 10 months will roll around with more milestones and more of this growing up stuff...

so happy 9 months to my little man, slow down, take your time , there is no rush.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Instagram Sunday

this week we...

made yummy baby food
ate a ton of different finger foods
waved at everything and everyone
smiled and laughed a lot
perfected our pat-a-cake skills
got lipsticky kisses from mommy
bought the first pirates hat (spring training here we come)
painted fingernails
went to target twice
dog-sat two more puppies
took lots of naps
had a blast at bath time
went on a road trip 
ate dinner at ruby tuesday
left messes on lots of floors
strutted our stuff in brand new swimming trunks
took a dip in the hotel pool
ate half a ginormous pancake 
flirted with all the old ladies we met
became a pro at riding in the car for an extended time
messed with the whole sleeping routine and got punished for it
had to hide behind a hotel room dresser to fool a certain someone into thinking he was alone in the room
went treasure hunting on our way back home
forcibly went to bed at 8.30 pm two nights in a row
watched the entire first season of downton abbey and started the second (addicted)
became an official fashion contributer over at lovestitched (yay)

what did you do this week?

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Friday, February 24, 2012

a taste of snow

last weekend before we were hit by that wonderful cold that gifted me those lovely cold sores and knocked the wind out of the hubs for at least 4 days, we actually had some snow. this winter hasn't been a bad one, compared to the last few years where we were snowed in without power and only our wood stove to keep us warm on several occasions. i am grateful i didn't have to deal with that trying to keep a baby warm and all.

so when we finally got a little bit of snow we were eager to take the mister outside to try the new sled he got for christmas. unfortunately for us with that snow came a windchill that again kept us bunkered down in the house and we were only able to make it outside the day the snow finally decided to melt.
we own an acre of property that is entirely located on a hill side perfect for sledding. the mister wasn't quite sure about the whole process though. he kept sticking his glove down into the snow while his dad pulled him around the yard, trying to scoop up the snow. silly boy.

if we get more snow this will definitely be repeated. we are also planning a little get-away to a place with far more snow soon. the sled will come with us and hopefully be used on lots of walks.

on the inside, i am secretly longing for spring weather.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

{style files} vintage candy stripes and matchstick cords

Cardigan {ON}, Shirt {Vintage}, Pants {JCrew}, Heels {Isaac Mizrahi for Target} 
have i mentioned before that i love thrifting and really most things vintage? i love the hunt for new treasures. it makes me all excited and giddy on the inside. my etsy shop is where you'll find most of the lovely things i regularly uncover. i love stocking anything from vintage linens to industrial style home decor items. j usually rolls his eyes at me when once again I venture out and come home with bags and bags of stuff. it's some sort of addiction I guess... etsy hasn't made me a fortune but it sustains my hobby thus far. 
once in a while I will pick up an item of clothing as well. this red and white candy striped shirt is one of those items I just can't part with (yet). you will find stripes all over my closet, well that is if you can find anything in my mess of a closet at all... 

so there you have it for today, stripes on stripes and these awesome matchstick cords I got at JCrew for $3.50. yes, I never thought I'd ever get a piece of clothing there for that cheap. 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{style files} the sweater I live in

everything is Old Navy except the matchstick cords (jcrew) and boots (gomaxx) nail color (vixen by revlon) necklace (NY&Co.) 
ladies, if your local old navy still has this sweater (should be on clearance), go buy it! i live in this sweater right now. it is super warm and cozy, soft and functions as a blanket. it's like a snuggie but way cooler. plus, I got it for like $7!!! yeah, like I said AMAZING.

next: holy crap! how young do I look in these pictures? i'm 27 folks, I've been married for almost 7 years and I have a child but still, I look like i'm in high school. what does one do about that? 

my lip is slowly healing. finally :) j got over his cold as well and the mister never got it at all and that rocks! sick babies are no fun. j is going on a little business trip so we are joining him. we even have a rental car. i love road trips. i can't wait to get on the road and stop in little towns along the way, maybe get some diner food and do some thrifting/antiquing. i already have this all planned out in my head. the hotel has an indoor pool so logan and I will be there for some fun in the water. i haven't been in a swimsuit since right after I had him last summer so I'm a little worried about that. who knows if I even have one that fits? how do you get back into shape after a pregnancy and while you're still nursing? i'm definitely back to my old weight but everything is sooo jiggly and soft. 

wow, what a post today huh? mom life I guess ;) 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{she made it} instagram wallpaper

i've had a bunch of instagram photos laying around and no clue what to do with them...a few weeks back i even took the time to cut them all out with my handy guillotine cutter, thinking an idea would just pop into my head. but nada. 
then the other day i was just standing in the hallway, admiring the plain, boring staircase wall and finally that idea came to me. i didn't want to put up another gallery wall of frames like i had done in the dining room so what better way to use all those instagrams than to stick them diectly onto the wall and create a wallpaper effect? so I went to town and started covering up the staircase wall. this is not permanent and if we decide we don't like it anymore or want to switch out photos, they can easily be removed. i had some of these scotch reusable tabs and glue dots on hand and so i just stuck a couple in two corners on each photo and stuck it directly to the wall. i actually cut up the scotch tabs because they were much too big. 

make sure to use a level once in a while and then just add more photos. this is all i had on hand but i'm planning on ordering more soon so that i can keep going. it is kind of addictive and i'm eager to keep going. you can also print your pictures at home but i would recommend using matte photo paper so that you won't see all the sticky fingerprints. you know people will be touching these. if not, your kiddos surely will. so far i have no clue how i'm gonna keep logan from wanting to rip these down. 

i love it. can't wait to see the entire wall covered.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

growing those cheeks and going down slides

{sweater} vintage, {shirt} a&f, {red pants} ae, {shoes} old navy, {coat} old navy

we've had some sunshine so we ventured outside on saturday. it was windy as you can also tell by my hair. our park around the corner is closed for the winter season so we had to find a different one. here the toddler swings were all broken so that was disappointing. fortunately there were a few different slides for him to go down and he really enjoyed it. every time he wears that bear suit his cheeks look even bigger than they really are. with those cheeks he's got me wrapped around his finger. those cheeks are made to be kissed a trillion times a day. those cheeks make me so happy. now i totally understand why old ladies pinch cheeks.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

{style files} stripes and boots

{cardigan} Zara, {tank} Loft, {skirt} Target, {belt} Vintage, {leggins} F21, {boots} Steve Madden, {bracelet} gift, {watch} Michael Kors

my lip still looks ridiculous, somehow it reminds me of a botox injection gone wrong ;) 
so i will just continue to bum around the house in my new favorite sweater and wait for it to go back to normal. which is hopefully soon. 

happy weekend friends 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{life} snapshots

i can't show my face today folks... i was hit with a nice little cold and following shortly were my friends the cold sores. i despise cold sores for the very obvious reasons. they are ugly. nothing makes them go away faster. no, not even abreva. they make my lips hurt especially when i smile and they send me a painful reminder of their presence: stop smiling, we're still here! it's a good thing i don't have a mirror right in front of my face all day ;)
worst of all, however, no kissing the little man :( needless to say, i'm suffering.
so, no outfit post today. instead a few instagrams from my last phone to computer dump. enjoy :)

belly rub, new kicks, standing, 
more hair, smile, kisses
more standing and pulling up

city, russian roulette nails, bridges
gray, aviators, pitt
igloo, yum, love

veggies, necklace, breakfast in bed
homemade organic apple sauce, mobile, more veggies
thrifted tray, best lip balm, ombre 

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