Monday, February 27, 2012

9 months my sugar sweet

my baby turns 9 months today :)

9 months! I can't believe how fast this has gone and how amazing the last 9 months have been.
we have learned and grown so much. he has taught us so much about ourselves and made every day special. Life is pretty damn good right now thanks to this little man.

we have gone from a tiny little bean that wouldn't open his eyes for more than a few minutes a day to a chubby cheeked, intelligent and active little boy. i know it won't be long now until he starts walking. i get so excited and sad at the same time, whenever he reaches another milestone.

this morning, we were laying in bed and as he was nursing, he suddenly stopped and looked up at me with this big smile on his face. and then he just stared at me and i felt like i was catching a glimpse of the boy that is hidden inside there somewhere. the boy he is going to be one day and in that moment i realized that he won't be this chubby little baby for much longer.

don't get me wrong, 9 months is amazing. 9 months sleeps through most of the night and takes regular naps during the day. 9 months doesn't spit up or blows out diapers 3 times a day. 9 months feeds himself banana and carrot and all kinds of other yummy things. 9 months drinks from straws, babbles, crawls, climbs, laughs and entertains us so much.

the thing about 9 months is that it is nowhere near that wrinkly, sleepy little newborn. nowhere near those first few days and weeks of just holding him on my chest all day long.

9 months is all about independence and freedom and so much less about cuddles and wanting to be held.

so for now, 9 months and i are still trying to warm up to each other. and then once we become best buds, 10 months will roll around with more milestones and more of this growing up stuff...

so happy 9 months to my little man, slow down, take your time , there is no rush.

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  1. Happy 9 months! She's beautiful. My Scarlett turns 10 months next week! It flies huh?

  2. Stimmt, die Zeit geht vieeeeel zu schnell vorbei. Mein Kleiner wird morgen 3. DREI! Ist das zu glauben? Der war doch auch gerade erst 9 Monate. Ach was, der Gro├če war doch gerade erst 9 Monate. Seufz. So ist das wohl mit dem Mamasein.

    Alles liebe zum 9-Monatigen!

  3. Happy nine months! He is just so precious with those cheeks and the bald head!


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