Monday, February 20, 2012

growing those cheeks and going down slides

{sweater} vintage, {shirt} a&f, {red pants} ae, {shoes} old navy, {coat} old navy

we've had some sunshine so we ventured outside on saturday. it was windy as you can also tell by my hair. our park around the corner is closed for the winter season so we had to find a different one. here the toddler swings were all broken so that was disappointing. fortunately there were a few different slides for him to go down and he really enjoyed it. every time he wears that bear suit his cheeks look even bigger than they really are. with those cheeks he's got me wrapped around his finger. those cheeks are made to be kissed a trillion times a day. those cheeks make me so happy. now i totally understand why old ladies pinch cheeks.

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  1. I LOVE your jacket! It looks super warm! And the bright pants! LOVE!



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