Saturday, February 11, 2012

lazy saturday

around town with a toddler

so J is working today and Logan and I are having a lazy day at home. if it weren't snowing outside I'd put on this outfit, pack him in the car and run some errands... my to-do list is crazy long. but hey, a lazy day at home sounds good to me too.

what are you doing today?

also, I've been tweeting a lot lately and finally starting to like it. it's actually a good way of keeping track of my favorite people. why dontcha follow me here and say hi sometime :)



  1. <3 this. i would totally wear {err, I mean live in all of this}. XOXO Soph!

  2. I love those sweats!!!!!!! I went to look for them,though, and they didn't have them -_- I'll just have to enjoy them through you, so wear them a lotooooo!:)


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