Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{she made it} embellished moleskine notebooks

today i have another easy diy for you. i love paper products and i like taking notes and keeping a little notebook on me instead of using my phone for everything. i think taking notes on paper and writing down ideas and thoughts has a special quality to it. it is much more permanent and something i will be able to go back to and look at in years to come. my phone is great and i use it constantly but it doesn't allow me to be as creative as i can be with these notebooks. 

so all you need are some moleskine notebooks (or whichever you like), lace and fabric scraps, some glue and a sewing machine (if you have one). i used vintage lace/fabric and tacky glue.
be careful with the glue and apply sparingly. i also used the sewing machine to sew some lines down and over the fabric. these covers are made of thin cardboard and your sewing machine shouldn't have any problems with it. 

it's really pretty simple and there are so many options to make this represent you and your style.
you could even make your own notebooks instead of buying pre-made ones.

hope you found some inspiration.

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  1. Love these! Im gotta do this diy asap


  2. how beautiful!....i'm in love with my molesks. they are my best friends for my poetry and journaling. these embellishments add such a sweet touch.

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  4. You cannot be wrong with lace! Lovely!


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