Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{style files} quite ruffly

{shirt} ae, {cardigan} abercrombie, {jeans} only, {belt} old navy, {boots} ralph lauren, {bag} marc jacobs

he  demanded I show him my mean face. yeah, i don't know...

i love this ruffly cardigan, the shirt and belt. I'm not so sure about the jeans but i have some red denim that i think would look fabulous instead. sometimes outfits look better in your head.
my bag is missing one of the studs. what's up with that marc jacobs???
i got those boots for $20! a few years ago and they are super comfortable and such a classic item in my closet.

hope you're having a nice valentine's day. we choose to ignore it at this house but i'm perfectly fine with everyone else having a good time.

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  1. ooo love the check shirt and ruffles! so pretty, and red jeans sounds good! a little re mix to be had there! :)

  2. this looks amazing! I love the layers!


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