Thursday, February 23, 2012

{style files} vintage candy stripes and matchstick cords

Cardigan {ON}, Shirt {Vintage}, Pants {JCrew}, Heels {Isaac Mizrahi for Target} 
have i mentioned before that i love thrifting and really most things vintage? i love the hunt for new treasures. it makes me all excited and giddy on the inside. my etsy shop is where you'll find most of the lovely things i regularly uncover. i love stocking anything from vintage linens to industrial style home decor items. j usually rolls his eyes at me when once again I venture out and come home with bags and bags of stuff. it's some sort of addiction I guess... etsy hasn't made me a fortune but it sustains my hobby thus far. 
once in a while I will pick up an item of clothing as well. this red and white candy striped shirt is one of those items I just can't part with (yet). you will find stripes all over my closet, well that is if you can find anything in my mess of a closet at all... 

so there you have it for today, stripes on stripes and these awesome matchstick cords I got at JCrew for $3.50. yes, I never thought I'd ever get a piece of clothing there for that cheap. 

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  1. You and I, thrifty friends!!! ;) I love your fringe here (bangs) Stripe on stripe action, some of my favorites! Lovely! <3 Zoey :)

  2. i like the mixing of the stripes. and your hairstyle is so cute!

  3. Love the outfit, and just checked out your Etsy shop and LOVE it! I have a vintage Coca-Cola box but I might have to get the Pepsi one that you have...

  4. Hey there! So glad you commented on my blog the other day so I could stop by to say, "Hi, I love your style, and I'm your newest follower!" :)

  5. Love your shirt!

  6. I just love the striped shirt with the striped sweater. It's always great to find a fellow thrift addict like myself as well :)

    Found you on my IFB group. Thank you so much for contributing. I'm loving your blog.

    Feel free to check mine out over at


  7. i *love* the vertical and horizontal stripes. no one better cross you! ha.

    and wowzers, $3.50 pants at j. crew! my mind can't even comprehend that deal. x

  8. Wow, risky but gorgeous! Those two striped items turn out to go great together! Well done :)

    Sara from Diary of a Modern-Day-Lady

  9. I love the red stripe blouse! What a good find!

  10. The horizontal and vertical stripes are awesome. Great look!


  11. You are workin' those stripes lady! Love!


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