Monday, March 26, 2012

{guest post} parallel world designs

today i give you vanessa from parallel world designs. her jewelry has a natural and organic feel and she is so very talented. i own one of her awesome pieces and absolutely love it. make sure you check out her shop and use that 10% discount. 

My name is Vanessa Acosta and I am the creative mind behind Parallel World Designs. I launched Parallel World Designs just a couple of months ago, and the response has been great! But before I decided to create Parallel World, I was just making jewelry for myself. Like most people, I didn't have the sufficient funds to buy designer jewelry, so I put my noggin to good use and started to seek my tools in unexpected places. I became a DIY queen and slowly started to create piece after piece. Most of the pieces I was creating were found objects, and recycled materials. That's what really got me to pursue jewelry designing.

The biggest inspiration is what the world brings to me, things like culture and nature. I use materials like crystals, hair pipe bones and even seek ideas from traditional tribal jewelry techniques. I find inspiration from EVERYWHERE, because I've discovered that if you look everywhere for inspiration then it comes from very unexpected places and that always gives the best results. As for my designs, they have an adaptable aesthetic to them, so I leave it up to the wearer to transform the piece with their own style. I wanted to create jewelry that was self expressive and minimal so the wearer could transform that to their liking.

As for the metaphysical side of this madness, the jewelry also serves as a double purpose. The crystals encased in the bullet casing, or the leather wrapped crystals all have a metaphyiscal properties to them to help in certain aspects of your life. Amethyst for example is a great crystal for calming and maintaining equilibrium in your life. It's great to know that what you wear is also helping your soul in someway and I think thats what I like most about what Parallel World brings to its customers. And also the fact that I came up with the name after an intense dream about traveling to parallel universe, but that's another story for another time. 

I am currently selling on Etsy, which is an amazing selling community! Everyone helps each other, and we all spread the word about our fellow friends or favorite shops. I personally can't get off of Etsy because they've got treasury lists, a blog, videos, collaborations, food! and so much more. It's a great place to go to to find anything and also a great place to make new friends who share the same interests!
And as a little gift from me to y'all: Use this coupon code for 10% off your purchase when you shop at my shop!


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  1. ughhh this is awesome- i love all of the pieces, i cant wait to check out the shop!!


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