Monday, March 5, 2012

instagram monday

sorry this is a little late this week. i was busy yesterday and then my phone acted up when i was trying to load pictures onto the computer late last night. i ended up just falling asleep... but here is our week in review according to my phone.

last week we...

went on a mini vacation
saw a waterfall
had breakfast at denny's
had a mexican lunch that was delicious
made turkey bacon and pancakes
went antiquing
found out that i was born on the day of the heavyweight ;)
had a little 'blast from the past' at a coffee shop, when we found a few gameboys (tetris addict anyone?)
spent hours in the car (some of us sleeping)
took some wonderful pictures we'll treasure
enjoyed some sunshine and lots of rain
went for walks
played at the playground
ate too much candy
made cute little notebooks you can peek at here
had long talks in the car (gotta love road trips)
had a $4 chai tea!!! and not at Starbucks
had some nice talks with antique shop owners about "going pickin" these days
took a different route
were the only dinner guests at a restaurant (it was good food)
crawled up the stairs for the first time
worked too much, since spring training is in full swing
finished season 2 of downton abbey

what did you do this past week?

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  1. Those cards look amazing! So do those pancakes too ;)
    You have such a sweet blog!
    Amy xo

  2. Awww amazing this all brings a big smile to my face.


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