Sunday, March 11, 2012

Instagram Sunday

This week we...

bought a new stroller
tried feta cheese and mozzarella for the first time
went to the playground
took a stroll
enjoyed the sunshine
got Logan's new book case his grandpa made
painted said bookcase
let the laundry mountain reach new heights
attempted to clean out the closet...
donated several bags to the city mission
had lots of hyper excited moments with that favorite doll
gave kisses and hugs (yes even mama got some)
grew some more hair
had another tooth come through and found two more that are close
made flat bread pizza that was to die for
made fruit salad for dessert
showed mama that size 12m clothing is really too small now
went to tj maxx with mama and smiled at ourselves in the mirror
had a ton of fun in the bathtub 
dyed some fabric that didn't turn out so well (bummer)
got chinese take-out where one little man made a face that let mama know what he thought about waiting
lost daddy to work at spring training
missed daddy a lot
had grandma over for a night and all day saturday
went grocery shopping without the little guy
realized once again how much we dislike wal-mart
prepared logan's meals for the week
made something awesome that involved lace and sewing
just realized that there has not been one picture of either of our dogs and feeling pretty bad about it (vow to be better)

what did you do this week?


  1. Awww, your family is so cute!

  2. ha how adorable! look at the little driver! and the pizza sounds so good right now :0) you had a great weekend. mine was not bad at all, just working on all of the loose ends for the quarter. my students are all done, and now i just have to send in my work! gah!


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