Sunday, March 18, 2012

instagram sunday

  this week we...
  made turkey burgers with white bean mash and blueberry crumb bars. yum. (recipes to come this week)

  had our first ice cream experience and loved it

actually loved it so much that there was loud protest when the ice cream was all gone

  went to get the beginnings of my vegetable garden  dyed the hair because the grays where getting out of control once again
  found this fun   rainbow striped nine west scarf

  painted the nails the same color as the kitchen walls and got really tempted to buy these pretties (but  didn't) self control people ;)   

  spent part of an afternoon at ikea

  shopped for clothes and this sun hat which he proceeded to pull on like crazy (it has straps)
  had daddy read bedtime stories

  spent an afternoon by the river while daddy was in the longest meeting in the history of meetings
  admired the city

  watched the ducks

  took a ton of pictures
  had a quesadilla 

  struck a pose
  clapped and clapped and clapped some more

  wore sandals for the first time this year
  had a frozen mocha

  got stuck in traffic that wouldn't move for 40 minutes after lunch with a good friend
  went down the slide at the park with grandma

  ate buffalo chicken salad for lunch, out on the porch in the sunshine


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  1. sounds like the perfect weekend to me :)

  2. I moved from Pittsburgh to Austin a year ago and your site makes me homesick for the 'Burgh.


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