Thursday, March 8, 2012


this makes me tear up everytime it comes on tv, especially the part about learning two languages and the grandparents on the video chat... it's our live right now.

image via

i am totally making these this weekend. don't they look absolutely delicious? i stumbled across this website today called and they have a ton of great recipes. it's kind of like pinterest for food .

and while we're on the topic of pinterest, I had over 10.000 hits on my little blog on tuesday!!! can you believe it? i got a ton of referrals from pinterest so i just wanted to say thanks to all of you who keep pinning my pictures and projects. you rock! i am totally blown away by all the nice comments i've been getting here as well and i am making sure i am visiting all of you back :) 

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  1. Nice post
    Good blog
    I am following your blog with GFC
    now follow back my blog with GFC too

  2. awww i love adorable. and that food-bar-yummy-thing looks amazing haha i definitely want one

  3. those do look delicious! I need to check out the site! that is awesome about all your blog views too!


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