Wednesday, April 4, 2012

dear husband

dear husband,

tomorrow is the day i've been secretly and lately quite openly dreading since last season ended this past october. tomorrow is home opener and with that comes a full 6 months of almost non-stop work and way too much traveling for you. i know you love what you do and i am so very grateful for all that you do for our little family. i know we are blessed beyond measure in so many ways, including your job that provides us with much more than just the basics. we've had such a great six months at home, traveling, being spontaneous and deciding what we wanted to do on a day to day basis. very few people get to spend this much time simply enjoying their family life and not worrying about making money. i look forward to joining you on a few trips again this year, so that you don't have to miss us too much. i know you will. i know it will be hard being away from us so much and maybe missing out on a few milestones. as i say "don't worry about that" i have to smile because you are such a worry wart when it comes to your family. probably even more than when you unnecessarily worry about whether you're doing a good enough job at work - babe you are phenomenal!

please know that there is one thing you should never worry about and that is whether you're being the best dad and husband you can be. the last year and a half since i got pregnant, has been such a whirlwind.
 again we have accomplished more than i ever thought we would and you have turned into that amazing father i knew you would be. logan and i are both so lucky to have you supporting us in everything we do, even my crazy little escapades ;) you put a smile onto that little guy's face every time he sees you and he loves you so much.

so when you start to feel lonely on the road, or you think you're not doing a good enough job being a dad, husband or even at work, know that we will always be right here for you. we're not ever going anywhere and you don't have to worry about those things at all. you are the best and we already look forward to having you back to ourselves in october.

you know i'll have all of our vacations planned by the end of the season and a new honey-do list will be waiting for you :)

be safe, work hard, don't worry about the things you cannot change, relax (at least try).
we love you


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  1. aaawww that has to be SO hard.... Especially for you being a momma all alone! It will go by fast ;)

  2. What a sweet wife you are...I'm sure he'll miss you bunches!

  3. What a sweet wife you are! Hopefully he'll be back before you know it!

  4. Schnüff. Eine schöne Zeit euch beiden alleine...

  5. This made my day.


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