Monday, April 16, 2012

instagram sunday on monday

so sorry i've been gone friends! my dad and little brother came to visit and i didn't feel like wasting a second with them... i gotta get back into the grove of blogging and i haven't really been feeling any outfits lately so i need to work on that. 
for now i leave you with some pics from last week. i'd love it if you followed me on instagram. 
i'm @theforgestyle 

last week we...

drove into the city quite a lot
drove to the airport quite a lot as well
got stuck in traffic of course
loved family time
got a ton of clothes from zara for the little guy that my dad brought from germany
went out for ribs
shopped until we dropped more than once
got our first wet, open mouth kiss from the mister
realized the lettuce has sprouted and got real excited
had opa teach the mister his first word (the german word for hot) 
pushed our own stroller
used a spoon to eat, umm or maybe just to make a mess
realized there is a magazine hoarder living among us
rode on opa's shoulders 
enjoyed lots of sunshine

what did you do? 

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