Sunday, April 1, 2012

instagram sunday

since we were on vacation last week i missed instagram sunday so this week you'll get an overload of pictures from the past two weeks, mostly from said vacation in florida. i feel like i am totally behind on posts that i wanted to write and i have so many pictures to edit... there is simply not enough time in each day, folks! i will try to catch up this week so you'll likely see more beachy vacation pictures.

during the last two week we...

packed suitcases
painted coral nails
hauled a car seat, stroller, two suitcases, a diaper bag, backpack and the kiddo to the airport twice
wouldn't sleep on the plane
fell asleep 10 minutes before landing, go figure
soaked up lots of sunshine
wore hats and actually kept them on most of the time
put on a ton of sunscreen
ate more mac'n'cheese than mama could eat herself (vacation diet)
stuck our toes in the ocean
got afraid of the ocean
ate sand
ate some more sand
ate lots of seafood
hung out in big hotel beds
cuddled a lot
ate the best ice cream in the world, like every year (almond joy flavor at two scoops on anna maria island, go there!!!)
went back for more ice cream 2 more times
laid by the pool
read books and magazines
played in the water
remembered why we hate places like hooters
went to the florida aquarium in tampa
ate greek food
did not go outlet shopping! a first :)
went for walks instead
had a blast swinging
went to a baseball game with friends
pleasantly surprised mama by falling asleep during said baseball game so she could watch the entire thing, fireworks and wait for papa to finish up work
got a new t-shirt as a gift
almost died several times while driving - florida, you win the prize for worst drivers in the country
watched a few movies on hbo
shopped at cvs and publix
hung out with papa's work friends
laughed a lot
papa got a cold
passed that cold to the little man
had to fly back home but didn't want to
had the worst air tran check-in experience EVER!
paid a lot of money for airport parking
enjoyed some evening sunshine on the drive home
stopped for moe's take-out and some great colored drinks ;)
reunited with the puppies who we missed
didn't take many pictures due to the sick babe
wiped that tiny little nose endless times
saw the doctor
went through almost an entire bottle of triaminic
finally started to feel a little better
tied to decide on a bathroom wall color
went to a 86th birthday party
enjoyed spending time with family from out of town
worked on the vegetable beds some more
mowed the yard for the first time this year

wow, that was a lot! what did you do?

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  1. haha i love all of these instagrams - i could help but laugh while looking through them, they are adorable and hilarious x what a beautiful family!


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