Sunday, April 8, 2012

instagram sunday

last week we...

enjoyed lots of family time while we still could
made cupcakes for opening day
labeled and filled spice jars
made a super cute vinyl neon clutch
made an upcycled pallet wood and ball jar garden
crossed a bunch of stuff off that loooooong list
added some more stuff to said list
clipped tiny little finger and toe nails
cooked yummy tortellini with alfredo sauce and asparagus
went out for dinner
spent an afternoon at construction junction and the center for creative reuse
finished the raised garden beds
planted seeds
received a beautiful quilt
took our first two steps :))
were treated to the hubs phenomenal chicken and oven roasted potatoes
installed some more lights in the living room and guest bathroom
almost passed out over the price of cheese
sold some stuff on ebay and in the vintage shop
waited for papa to come home

what did you do?

happy easter everyone :)

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  1. I love posts like this. So personal and adorable. Hope you're having a lovely weekend sweetie. S.x x / @stephanieloulou

  2. ha love these, the little munchkin is too much for me!

  3. That DIY you made is really lovely! Posts like this one make me wish I had an android / iPhone! x


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