Sunday, April 22, 2012

instagram sunday

so i've been messing around with this file for way too long and blogger just won't show it at its actual width :( that's why these instagram sunday pics have been showing up at a different width than all the rest of the pictures on my blog. sorry about that! i get super anal about things like that but at this point i have no clue what's going on... 

this week we...

hung out with little brother some more
went to starbucks twice
ate bagels
found a sweet piece of home at the grocery store (milka)
painted the bathroom (finally after almost 4 years)
missed the hubby
got some new toys
fell in love with the new fuchsia lipstick
picked up a suitcase
dropped someone off at the airport once again
picked the hubby up at the airport after midnight
fell in love with birdy (where have you been all my life??) 
read books
cuddled the puppies
got more prints for the instagram wallpaper 
finally moved some euros out of the wallet after 3 months
went to the playground

what did you do? 


  1. awww always love your instagrams! i just hung out all weekend lol went to the pool yesterday and got major sunburn...ohh im trying to lotion up so my skin likes me again! ha

  2. Great pics! Thanks for commenting on blog! :)


  3. super cute instagram pics... i am new to the whole instagram thing (android user hee hee). but i am LOVING it..


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