Friday, May 11, 2012

diy: geometric earrings

i thought i'd share this tutorial on how to make some geometric earrings made from polymer clay. i originally came up with this as a contributer post for love stitched so you may have seen this already over there. the neon trend is still going strong and I've been accessorizing with it like crazy. there are so many cute items I would love to own but don't have the money for. so instead, i went though my stash of jewelry making supplies (i am a bad craft hoarder) and pulled out some earring backs and fimo modeling clay i picked up on clearance a few months ago. with some different craft paints i created these cute little geometric post earrings all during one nap time, hey, this mama's got to be efficient :) 

here is what you'll need:

modeling clay (i used white and painted it but it is even quicker if you just buy your favorite color)
earring backs
a small sharp knife
paint brushes
hot glue gun or other strong glue

the earring backs i already had on hand turned out to be too big for the small shapes i wanted to make so I had to cut them down first (big big pain). make sure you buy the smallest ones you can find. all they need to hold is a tiny dab of glue. 

then just go ahead and form a small ball with the modeling clay, about 1/2" or even less in diameter. use your knife to cut away small chunks of the clay with the knife leaving smooth planes all across the shape. save your scraps to use for the other stud. 

once you're done making the shapes stick them in the oven as per the directions on your package of clay and bake them. mine took 30 minutes at 265F. Once they have cooled you are ready to paint. i used some regular acrylic craft paints and patio paint as well. it will take a few coats of paint to completely cover the shapes. let everything dry really well. i painted the base color first, let it dry and then attached the shapes to the earring backs with some hot glue. it doesn't take very much glue at all so be careful! then I painted parts of my studs with coordinating colors for a cute pop of color. 

once the second color is all dry you are done and ready to wear your new earrings :) 

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  1. so clever & chic!

    love it
    xo Jessica

  2. cuuute!

  3. I just found your blog from something that was pinned on Pinterest .... how awesome ... I love it, I am now a your newest follower!!

  4. What an awesome idea, I love it & want to try to make some! I've actually been wanting to get some small colorful earrings for everyday wear without spending too much, so this will be perfect. And Happy Mother's Day to you!

  5. oh cool, fimo hab ich noch da!

  6. I want to try these out! Very creative.

  7. These are chic! Love them! You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Geometric Challenge! :)



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