Tuesday, May 8, 2012

one of those days... #2


today was one of those days...

where your hubby is finally off for the first time in 2 weeks and of course there is a list.
where you get up at the same time to say good morning to that little man you haven't seen in almost an entire day.
where papa does breakfast and mama runs errands until lunch time.
where you get road rage because really you just want to be home with those two favorite guys.
where you realize early on that you didn't quite dress right for this hot and humid day.
where you spend lots of time outside watching the little guy explore.
where you cook a yummy lunch during nap time and go out to buy birthday presents for an almost 1 year old!!
where you get great news during an overseas phone call and walk around giggling to yourself for the rest of the afternoon.
where you grill the most delicious burgers after a day of hard work and have a very happy babe in his new swing.
where at the end of the day you realize you just had 4 generations in your backyard building a swing set for this little man that isn't really that little anymore.
where you realize how truly blessed you are to have such wonderful people to call family.

yes, today was one of those days.


  1. sehr cooles Foto mit der Schaukel! Schön, dass ihr so einen tollen Tag hattet. Muss ja auch mal sein! Es ist halt so, manchmal läuft mehr oder weniger alles, manchmal kriegt man gar nichts auf die Reihe, und dann wieder mehr als man dachte. Manchmal wär's schön, wenn man das vorher wüsste...

  2. Glad you got some much needed family time! What a cutie pie you have!


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