Tuesday, May 15, 2012

one of those days #3

today was one of those days...

where your toddler awakes at 7.30 on the dot and you are sending prayers that he will change his mind about wanting to get this day started

where those prayers aren't answered and let's be honest, there are more important ones to be answered anyway

where the rain and general grayness of the last few days is starting to get a little bit depressing

where a yummy breakfast makes things a lot better

where nothing really happens all day and you start asking yourself if you should make an effort and go somewhere?

where you decide that a nice warm bath at 1 in the afternoon is just what is needed for the little mister and his mama (including lots of splashing and bewildered stares at that mini watering can from target - what does it do?)

where a naked babe in a clean, white towel is just about the most beautiful thing you've ever laid eyes upon

where for the rest of the day you have to keep smelling that perfectly clean little head every few minutes

where this mama's cooking skills are once again being tested by one very picky eater

where a surprise visit from a certain brother in law who wants to use your internet makes you feel a little less lonely

where you decide that bath time gets moved back to evenings, after dinner, for the very obvious reasons...

where books are being dragged all over the room, cleaned up and pulled out again and again and that little person sitting in your lap wanting to read them makes you want to burst with love

where wet, open mouthed, good night baby kisses say: you may not be getting out as much as you'd like, you may feel like you're cut off from the world but really, you're right where you're supposed to be, taking it all in and not missing a second of it.

yes, today was one of those days.

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  1. I love the new look of the blog! So cute!

  2. I like these posts! Btw, I thought you lived in Germany but then you mentioned Target...did I just get the Germany part wrong? : ) I love Target, where we're living now (Puerto Rico) doesn't have Targets.

  3. You have a picky eater too? Ay yi yi.....not always fun huh? I SOOO hear you on the books and freshly bathed babies!!

  4. My son never leaves the books in the book shelf either :) always on the floor!

  5. klingt nach einem schönen Tag :) Na, jedenfalls nach einem ruhigen, und die sind ja per Definition schön... Dein Blog sieht auch sehr schön aus so! Die Grafikdesignerin kannst du wirklich nicht verleugnen *grins*

    Liebe Grüße!


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