Monday, May 28, 2012

the perfect end to a perfect day

This story has a long introduction but the mushy ending is coming, I promise!

Last Wednesday was one of those days you remember for years to come, one of those days you make great memories. We spent the day as a family, just the three of us, no stress and no obligations, away from all the things that needed done back at home. Jason has been working so hard lately and between all the road trips, different time zones and busy home stands we barely get to spend any time together. So when the first off day in 3 weeks finally rolled around we had great plans to go see the baseball game (how ironic!), stroll through the city, stop wherever looked good, eat great food and finally, instead of driving home, to just spend the night at a downtown hotel.

We made it through 8 innings of the game no problem but then the missed nap time really started to show its evil face. So we made our way to the hotel, a brand new stuffed animal parrot in hand and took a little break before heading back out into the city. We strolled around, bought groceries, stopped for coffee and tea with a sleeping toddler in the stroller and soaked in lots of sunshine along the way. On the way back we had dinner at Atrias and sat outside right by the river while the sun slowly started to set. By the time we got back to the hotel with our full bellies and aching feet it was just past bedtime for the little man. Bath time in the hotel tub turned out to be more of an adventure than in our boring old tub at home and soon our dirty little guy tuned back into that clean, deliciously smelling babe.
Hopeful for a quite night we lowered our usually perfect sleeper down into the hotel crib but quickly realized that he wasn't having any of it. Different bed, new smells and alone in a strange place - not the perfect combination for a quiet night.

After taking the "he probably just needs to cry for 10 minutes then he'll be asleep" route for a while and the hubby trying to rock him to sleep for 15 minutes, I ended up on the hotel couch, with a tired babe on my chest. As we laid there and I was watching him fight so hard to keep those big blue eyes open, staring intently at his mama and making sure she didn't decide to leave I realized how much I had missed these moments over the last months. Oh the warmth that ran through my entire body just holding him like I used to after he was first born and what now feels like a million years ago.

When he finally gave in to sleep and closed his eyes I watched him relax every muscle in his tiny body and even though I could have easily put him down into the crib at that point, I stayed exactly where I was, just holding him for a little while longer, while he actually let me. I started thinking about the past year and remembered the anticipation we felt at that same time just a year ago, how blessed we are to have him in our lives. Sure, times were tough once in a while but through it all we have grown closer as a family and received so much love from such a small person.

When I eventually put him down to sleep and closed that awful squealing door behind me it was late and the hubby and I hadn't gotten to have that quiet evening to ourselves. It really didn't matter though because for me it was still the perfect ending to a perfect day in every way imaginable.

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  1. Recht hast du, das muss man genie├čen. Es kommt ja meist eh anders als geplant...

  2. aawww looks like you guys had such a fun day! and sometimes snuggling to sleep is just what BOTH of you needed ;)

  3. what a great day!! so so precious

    xo Jessica

  4. Such a cute little family! Makes me so excited to meet my little guy! LOVE your shirt too BTW! :)

  5. great photos

    check out my blog and, if you want, let's follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin' or both ;)

  6. aside from the missed nap, it sounds like the perfect evening! can't believe i came across a pittsburgh blogger, it's so hard to find any bloggy friends that live close. actually came across your lovely blog through the coast to coast map:)

  7. ahh pnc park!! ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLACES!!


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