Tuesday, May 22, 2012

style files: pastel blue paper bag skirt

paper bag skirt: vintage (thrifted), tshirt: tresics, wedges: mootsies tootsies at kohls, watch: michael kors, nails: essie tart deco

so i had a really great weekend that included

lost of sunshine 
a slight tan due to that sunshine
logan making such progress in the walking department
rolling around in freshly mowed grass
making $80 selling clothes and a few other things at a yard sale
yummy summer food like corn on the cob
an ikea shopping trip 
ice cream
a nice talk with the sister-in-law
the hubby coming home from his week long road trip
a movie night
yard work
and best of all, getting everything ready for my mom's visit this week :) 

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  1. a walking baby, sunshine and ice cream sounds like a great weekend for me! you look beautiful in this outfit!

  2. You look beautiful, love the outfit. It sounds like you had a busy weekend! We're loving the corn on the cob over here too. : )

  3. Really love the skirt, especially that blue! It looks even better in person!

  4. Hey there! LOve your blog!!! So glad you ame by mine to say hello!!! YOur gorgeous and adorable!!! nice meeting you friend!!!! xoxoxo Hanna


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