Tuesday, May 1, 2012

summer watches to watch for

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the weather has finally decided it's time for some summer-like temperatures and so i put together a list of my favorite summer watches. 

i worship my gold michael kors watch that i've had for about 3 years now - it goes with anything, it still looks like new and also has its original battery! i got a great deal on it through an old friend and it's been worth every penny. but now i am ready for something new, fun and bright to get me in the mood for summer.
nah, who are we kidding? i am already in the mood for summer.

so how about that yellow casio? it is screaming my name and is also super affordable. 
nixon watches make me happy every time i see their ads in magazines. one of these days one of their white models will be mine.
or how about the ombre band on that gold watch from asos? gold and ombre in one - perfect!
i had a baby-g in middle school and loved it. pretty much wouldn't take it off. it was purple and pink and it is probably still somewhere at my parent's house. these days they are trying for a comeback with kesha as their spokesmodel and their watches are still as bright and bold as i remember mine. 

so what's your favorite? have you invested in that mk watch yet and are ready for something new? 

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