Thursday, May 3, 2012

video: first steps

he has been practicing for weeks now, taking a step here or two steps there. i have been encouraging, sometimes quite loudly and sometimes i have kept my mouth shut and just let him do his thing. he is a very relaxed little guy, super low key and so he wouldn't let me deter him from what he wants to do anyway.
this week things have really picked up in the walking department.
needless to say i am one proud mama over here.

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  1. oh my! he is adorable! congrats to the proud mom

  2. aaawww that is so exciting! he is getting bigger for sure!!!

  3. I just found your blog through Bunnies and Pearls, and what a great post to find first! How precious. Completely random question, but have you guys taught him sign language? My aunt taught my cousin and that little open/shut fist thing is a sign for more (I think). Like I said, totally random lol. Great to be here! New follower! :)


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