Tuesday, June 26, 2012

diy: fabric flower hair pins

i recently got a request to make these lovely flowers for a wedding and throught i'd share a quicktutorial because they are so easy to make.

you'll need:

satin and organza fabrics
needle and thread
a little bit of felt for the backing
a glue gun
hair pins
a candle

cut out several circles in various sizes from your materials
hold the edges close to the candle flame but be careful not to get too close. conistently move the circles around to finish off your edges and let the fabric curl up in the places you like. arrange the circles to form a flower and stitch one or more pearls into the middle. finish by tying the thread on the back of each flower. use the glue gun to attach a small circle of felt to each back and then again to attach the hair pins to the felt.

done! super cute and easy. a little bit addictive as well ;)
can't wait to see pictures of the bride wearing these.

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  1. oh die sehen toll aus! Muss ich unbedingt mal ausprobieren... Danke dir & LG!


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