Wednesday, June 6, 2012

diy: lace inset jeans

when my mom is in town we always do a lot of shopping. it's fun and definitely part of our girl time. we have a local discount store where you can find some really amazing deals on name brand clothing. some of the things they sell have minor (or major) imperfections so you have to be careful and selective. this time and thanks to my mom's hawk eyes, i scored a pair of Joe's jeans for $2!!! they had a 4 inch rip right below the right side pocket but were otherwise in perfect condition and fit like a glove. i fell in love with them and figured i could do something to that rip to make it less revealing. i contemplated adding some floral fabric over top or some vintage lace on the inside. i didn't want the embellishment to be too attention grabbing and a little more subtle so I opted for the lace.
i am a big fan of iron on transfer paper and usually do all my appliques with it before sewing to add some extra detailing. i noticed before that it doesn't work as well with denim but since i didn't want to pin the lace i used it still.

here are instructions on what i did:

you'll need

a pair of jeans to embellish
some sand paper
a piece of lace or fabric of your choice
iron on transfer paper
sewing machine
matching thread

i first cut the rip in the jeans a little bit bigger and sanded the edges to give it a more natural look

then cut out a piece of lace and a few small strips of iron on paper which will go on the edges of the lace. make sure not to cover all of the lace with the iron on paper or all kinds of debris will stick to it once you peel the paper off. it also wouldn't be sheer anymore.

turn your jeans inside out and place the lace and transfer paper in the right spot. iron on and let cool completely before removing the paper.

be very careful when you turn the jeans back out because the iron on bond won't be very strong. now your lace should stay in place well enough for you to easily sew around the edges with the machine.
i used a zig zag stitch and really like how it turned out. i also accidentally sewed over the pocket a little but it's still usable so it wasn't a big deal.

that's it! you just gave a ripped pair of jeans a whole new life.

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  1. I love this! I'm going to have to do this to my jeans that have unintentional rips in them! <3

  2. SO smart! I have a pair of jeans I don't wear anymore cause they got ripped up to bad now I will have to try that! thanks! hope you are enjoying your trip! xoxo

  3. GREAT job! good score on a pair of joe's jeans and a great way to make them work! love it and love the lace!

  4. I just pinned this one!!! What a great idea! I hate when I rip my jeans, but this is a great idea for a fix! xoxo A-

  5. These are so so cute! I wish I would think of stuff like this!! Love it!

  6. love this, and joes jeans are the best can't believe you got them for such a steal!

  7. This super cool!


  8. I wish I was as creative as you are!

  9. This is such a good idea! The jeans came out great!
    - Laura

  10. ok, now i'm kind of hoping my jeans will fall apart so i can do this!! super super cute :)

  11. aaaaah! I am officially doing this now! I have a pair of short with a giant hole that needs a little something! So genius!

  12. You have SUCH great DIY ideas for INTERIOR and FASHION!!! I will start a few DIY projects this weekend thanks to your great blog! Thanks for sharing your ideas <3 Much love from Los Angeles!

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  14. This is a great idea to make the jeans trendy and adds an extra to it. I love to try this idea on my jeans.

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  15. What a great idea! I really love this. I think the lace is so pretty, but I could use the same idea with my boys' jeans...they always have holes in the knees.

    By the way, I found this post through a pin on Pinterest that led me to another site that has pretty much all of your tutorial on their site. You may want to ask them to take it down.

  16. Great idea! I've been looking for inspiration to patch up an old pair of jeans and am glad i found this!

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  19. There was a time when holes everywhere was modern :D Idea with lace is really cool :) Thank you!

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