Thursday, June 14, 2012

diy: spice jar labels

we've been done with baby food for a while now but i saved a ton of jars thinking i would come up with some sort of way to reuse them eventually. well, i reorganized my pantry and realized i needed to make room and keep my spices somewhere else. somewhere very visible and so they had to look sort of pretty. 

you'll need: 

rubber alphabet stamps
craft paper
glue dots
clean baby food jars

cut out labels and stamp away - make sure to spell bouillon right ;)
use glue dots to attach labels to the jars and screw the lids back on

a super quick and easy way to reuse those baby food jars and make your spices look uniform and pretty to look at. 

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  1. Those are wayyyy cute! Good idea Sophie! :)

  2. nice idea! those alphabet stamps look great!

  3. these are too darn cute! i will do this once we have spices haha

  4. aww i love love these :0) they are so fantastic, i did that with my bathroom and think it gives all my items some class! ha xo missed you!


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