Friday, June 1, 2012

the life of the jet setting family

if you're into rating your days on a scale of 1- 10, thursday was kind of a bummer for us. probably a 3 or a 4. we had to say goodbye for a whole month as the hubby left for another road trip and the rest of us will be leaving for germany in a few days until he finally meets up with us there in july. needless to say, the whole preceding week was somewhat overshadowed by impending departures. 

i hate that feeling of restlessness that always creeps up in me before an upcoming trip. we are such frequent travelers you'd think it wouldn't phase me anymore... but that nervous feeling deep down in my stomach still makes a return every time. i get stressed out over things i still have to get done before we leave and totally overwhelmed to the point of where i just want to crawl into bed and curl up in a ball to hide from the pressure of leaving my life behind for 6 weeks. 
i worry about packing, that we will forget something important, about the house and the dogs, my garden, bills getting paid on time, the hubby being by himself - missing his little guy and me (hopefully) ;)... oh, you get the point! 
don't get me wrong, i look forward to each and every trip, my family, all the things i miss when i'm here at home but i hate the days leading up to it. 

so thursday was one step closer to me feeling normal again. does that sound weird? not seeing my husband for a whole month brings me closer to feeling normal again? 
well, the way i see it, it is just an inevitable part of our life. it will always be this way and i have accepted it and learned to deal with all the craziness that comes with being a bicultural family. we started out like this and we continue to be torn between two places. 

once my feet step off that plane and all our bags have safely arrived at the baggage claim i know the real excitement will set in. that's when i relax and i'll be ready to take it all in once again. that's when i'm home again. 

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  1. I hope you have a good trip, thanks for sharing this and oh! the last pic it's amazing :)

  2. Love the last pic of the hubs and baby! precious! Your going to have a great time on your trip...I am sure that month will fly by ;) enjoy!

  3. Gute Reise! Wir sind nicht so viel unterwegs, aber was man vorher alles machen muss schafft mich jedesmal ;)


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