Thursday, June 28, 2012

new glasses rock!

today, let me introduce you to my handsome husband and his new glasses ;)

for guys (girls too I guess), glasses can be a little bit like watches, there are tons of styles to choose from and it's easy to start a collection. i personally don't need prescription glasses but once in a while I am highly tempted to buy myself a pair of nerdy looking frames just for fun.
jason on the other hand has had to rely on his glasses for years, switched to contacts and then back to glasses because it's better for his eyes when he travels (dry air on planes and such).

so when i was contacted by the wonderful folks at to try out their online shop and write a review I thought who better to try this out than my man?
we checked out their website to see what they had to offer, browsed the selection and started wondering how on earth we could find a suitable pair of glasses without trying them on in person. until now we had always taken the usual route of visiting a local eyeglas store to buy glasses and picking out a pair in person. well, here is what has come up with to make it easier to try on a selection of frames right from the comfort of your home:

the virtual mirror

here's the hubby trying on the frames he ended up choosing

this tool lets you select several frames, take a picture right on your computer or upload an image you like and try them on to see what the glasses will look like. it is super easy to use and you can even scale the proportions or rotate the image. this handy tool also lets you compare your favorites right in one spot. the only downside to this that we noticed was that not all the frames were available to be tried on in the virtual mirror.

if you'd like to try it out yourself you can go ahead right here:

once we decided on a pair of black bolle brand frames all we needed to do was get his prescription from the doctor, put it in the order form and select lens material and coatings. super easy as well. we put in the order and recieved a confirmation email right away. glassesUSA kept us informed on the whole production process and status of our order by email while we waited. we ordered on June 9th and received the glasses on the 15th. everything went super fast but the email with the tracking information actually came on the 17th, two days after we had already received them. this is not really a complaint because we were already happy the eyeglasses arrived so quickly.

here are a few more pictured of what came in the package

glasses, case, cleaning cloth and prescription certification card

a few more things we liked about purchasing eyeglasses from

  • shipping is free :)
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee (if you're not happy just send your frames back to exchange them)
  • turnaround time was super quick
  • we didn't have to leave the house
  • the frames are comfortable and great quality
  • if you purchase eyeglasses frequently you may be interested in their refer-a-friend program
  • they also offer prescription sunglasses

Jason chose the Bolle Neuilly frames.

overall, we would definitely order from again. the whole process was super easy and we were truly surprised at the great fit, selection and of course the look of them as well.

if you're in the market for a new pair of glasses and would like to give a try you can save an extra 10% on your order with the code BLOG10
you can also find all other current dicounts and offers here

disclaimer: this post is a sponsored post. i was provided with a gift code to the above mentioned business in exchange for my opinion in a review post. these opinions are my own and an honest reflection on the products and services provided to my family. your experience may vary.

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