Wednesday, June 13, 2012

stripes and a how-to for braided bangs

jeans: ae, striped top: f21, tank: zara, wedge sandals: graceland, watch: michael kors

not ok: 

the weather since we got here... no real summer in sight!
writing all these blog posts in my head during the few minutes it takes me to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning and always being too tired to actually take down some notes, then of course forgetting everything.
being away from the hubs for another 3 weeks.
having to wake up at 6.45 am every morning due to my own personal (and very cute) alarm clock.
all this delicious food that constantly screams "eat me!"
having to drive a manual for the first time in years tonight - not looking forward to that.

totally ok:

several wonderful and lovely emails i've been receiving from you guys - wow, i really appreciate those :)
going to yoga and pilates class with my bestie tonight
all this delicious food that constantly screams "eat me!"
a bang braid on bad hair days
the little man's rad walking skills
seeing the huge smiles on my family's faces every day, mostly due to the little man of course
watching euro cup soccer games every night
taking walks through the fields

and for all of you who'd like to know how to braid your bangs:

  1. part your hair pretty far on one side (whichever side works best for you)
  2. select three strands of hair to braid with and do a reverse/inverted french braid where you simply braid the hair under instead of over and keep adding hair in mostly from the top of your head
  3. important: don't braid too tightly! keep that braid low on your forehead as you go
  4. pin somewhere by your ear or finish off braid and tie with a skinny hair tie
  5. i also use some hair spray to control fly aways
  6. practice, practice, practice! 

it's really super easy but it may take you a few tries to get it right. i seriously wear the bang braid all the time now, especially on a bad hair day when i don't get to wash it. 

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  1. Love this outfit and the braid tutorial! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, been wondering about that one! : )

  3. nice post! I braid my hair like that too! It looks super cute

  4. your hair <3


  5. Love your hair!


  6. Cute look! Love your top and how you did your hair!

    Treena Bean Giveaway!

  7. thanks for this tutorial, Ive always wanted to do this, I see these side braids all the time, and just didn't know how to do them they looked hard to do but your steps seem pretty easy im so gonna try it today.


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