Wednesday, June 27, 2012

style files: oh zara my love...

pants: mom's, shirt: zara, shoes: old navy, bracelet: local shop, fedora: american eagle

one of my favorite outfits on the blog yet. i spent some time a zara last week and had to really control myself. everything here is so much more expensive due to the $ to € exchange rate so I was a good girl and left with two shirts for myself and a pair of sweat pants for logan. this shirt is super light and flowy - perfect for a warm day. and that fedora sure keeps the sun out of the eyes folks!

what's your one store you can't stay away from? do share!

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  1. Love it!


  2. Target. Haha. I get everything there from food to clothes

  3. I'm going with Candice. I can do some serious damage at Target. I may need and

  4. so adorable - i love flowy and comfy :0) i'm a sucker for H&M!

  5. love this outfit!!!

    xo Jessica

  6. Oh, ich bin auch absolut Zara-süchtig! Muss mich da immer ganz arg bremsen, weil es da so viele tolle Sachen gibt! Hier gibt leider kein Zara in der Nähe! Das ist echt schlimm für mich (nur gut für meinen Geldbeutel).
    Dein Outfit find ich ganz wundervoll!

  7. What a nice outfit. I love it! Chinos are so casual and in combination with the blouse-shirt it looks sooooo cute!
    Great Style!

    Regards from Germany!



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