Friday, June 22, 2012

what that iphone has to say about germany

just a few pictures of what we've been up to here in Germany before we all head into the weekend :)

lots of good food... oh that food!!
fun by the pool (never lasts very long unfortunately)
hanging out with the bestie - miss her
ice cream
shopping (oh zara I want to buy everything in your store)
flea market finds ( we got a little out of hand)
the farmers market
many many soccer games
coffee dates with my mom and the little mister - coffee for us, brezel for him
spending time with family and friends
reading a few books :)) makes me soooo happy!


  1. Great pictures!
    Oh, I love Capri and Zara! And Die Tigerente! :)

  2. I love Zara! Looks like little man got lots of good stuff!!

  3. Your son is beautiful. I should visit Germany this summer, Munich. Love the photos. :)

  4. those baby stuff are so cute! perfect for your sweet little one. and your sandals are making me feel to buy one right now. :-) love all your photos in Germany.

  5. great photos! your baby is adorable!

  6. looks amazing :) wish I was there! enjoy!

  7. schöne Fotos! Ein Hoch auf Capri, Weizen und das bisschen Sommer, das wir zwischendurch mal abkriegen!


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