Thursday, July 5, 2012

15 Closet Essentials

hey folks, sorry i've been posting less but since we're still in germany i don't get to keep up with it as much as i'd like. jason finally joined us on tuesday and we are taking a weekend trip to the alps. so i won't be back around until tuesday. 

i shared this post over at love stitched so you may have seen it there already... 
it's all about some of my closet essentials, items i wear all the time and that are easily matched up. 

  1. A basic dark tee (this one is charcoal gray) goes with mostly anything.
  2. The white v-neck tee should be an absolute must in anybody's closet because it can be easily dressed up or down.
  3. A simple tee with a bold print to spice things up a bit. 
  4. I pretty much live in a good gingham or plaid shirt.
  5. A simple cardigan for layering will keep you warm on a chilly summer night.
  6. Leggings - No explanation needed!
  7. A skinny belt helps you define your waist when layering.
  8. Statement necklaces add some sparkle or a bright pop of color to an outfit.
  9. A great fitting blazer will be your best friend and never go out of style.
  10. LBD (little black dress) or really any dress that makes you look and feel great. Go turn some heads, ladies :) 
  11. A flowy a-line, knee length skirt looks great on most body types and looks cute and feminine.
  12. Maxi skirts are super comfortable and who cares if you didn't get to shave...
  13. A great fitting pair of wide leg jeans.
  14. A pair of skinny jeans in a bold color or basic denim (or both, you know!).
  15. A pair of denim cut-offs for casual, hot summer days.

What items are essential to your closet and why? 

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  1. Oh, I love that green skirt! So cute!
    Thanks for the post, so great to read it. My basic pieces are cardigans and blazer. You can combine them with everything.

  2. my closet consist of jeans and basic tees. i need to invest in a blazer but its so difficult to find one that will fit just right

  3. Where do you recommend getting a good plain white tee that is not see through? I swear I can't find one!!

  4. ooo! Good picks! I have one great pair of designer jeans that I can dress up and down! Best. Investment. Ever.

  5. I Love an organized wardrobe, it makes life easy!
    I have you through weekend wanderings. I now follow you,
    I hope you visit me and do the same.


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