Tuesday, July 10, 2012

hiking in the alps

sorry for the picture overload today. we are back from our weekend trip to bavaria and i thought i'd give you a few reasons you should save up your moneysss for a nice little german vacation.

my parents live very close to a city called stuttgart in the state of baden-württemberg in southern germany. from there it takes about 2,5 hours to get to a part of the state bavaria called allgäu. my grandparents used to own a vacation home here so i spent many of my childhood vacations there, learning to ski, swim and hiking through the mountains.
the landscapes are beautiful and you are also very close to austria and switzerland.

we did a couple of shorter tours since logan had to be carried. i ended up getting around carrying him completely as my husband, brother and mama volunteered. unfortunately jason injured his back somehow and the second tour had to be a much shorter one. he is still recovering, walking like an old man and grunting with every move...

i realized how badly i need to get back into shape when we hiked down a super steep cow field and my leg muscles started to spaz out on me. yeah i'm still sore.

best parts about this mini vaca:

we got to pet cows on our hikes (they didn't like me)
eat warm home made cheese cake
went out to dinner where men in bowler hats stole the show and gifted Logan with a huge decorated ginger bread heart
my dad cooked a yummy goulash one night and we ate on the balcony with a gorgeous view
we took logan to the pool and he loved the water slides
listening to thunderstorms
fresh mountain cheeses OMG!
on sunday we celebrated our 7 year anniversary with a dinner date and some yummy ice cream

have you ever been to the alps/bavaria/germany before?


  1. I currently live in Bavaria (about 30 min from Garmisch) and it is gorgeous! I will only be here another few weeks, and I am trying to soak up as much as I can before I head home!

  2. I would love to visit. All the pictures you've posted are gorgeous! Do you miss living there? How often do you visit?

  3. I would love to visit there one of these days!

  4. hach ja, Bayern! Wenn's nach meinen Jungs gehen würde, würden wir jedes Wochenende hinfahren... Dummerweise sind es von uns aus dann doch so 800km. seufz.

    klingt nach einem tollen Urlaub und soooo schöne Fotos! Alles Gute Euch zum Hochzeitstag!

  5. Ummmm.... wow! That looks amazing. I'm adding Bavaria to my must visit list. So pretty there.

  6. Amazing! I would love to hike their some day. Please, continue to post away!

  7. wow, stunning views! reminds me of my four day hike in the andes. haven't visited the alps, though it is in my bucket list :)

  8. I love Bavaria. Stuttgart is about 3.5 hours from us. Sounds like you had a great time visiting the folks! Happy Anniversary too!!
    We're heading to the States next week. I'm excited to be home for a month!

  9. Great pictures! Lukas hat mir erzählt wie toll das war, aber das merkt man auch von den tollen fotos :)


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